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Transforming Personal Mobility Alliance For Automotive Innovation

Whether on servers, PCs, or workstations, GDDR can be harnessed for video processing, gaming and more. Energy & Environment We advance the industry’s environmental goals by working with policymakers to create smart regulations, spur innovation, and account for the needs of consumers. No other industry in America has such an expansive reach to every state, delivering Automotive economic benefits and creating jobs in so many different sectors. In this Future Driven Forum, we’re joined by leading government officials to examine the benefits of V2X, identify the remaining barriers, and explore ways to foster widespread deployment. Intuitive, informative, and immersive in-vehicle experiences, enriching travel for drivers and passengers.

  • In this time of automotive industry disruption, investing in digital technologies is game-changing.
  • The unprofitable venture made and distributed the Jeep brand in the world’s biggest auto market.
  • Synopsys is a leading provider of electronic design